Teacher Training

Year 1 100hrs Training Hatha Sadhana Introductory Series AYTT1 100hr Cert
Year 2 100hrs Training Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series AYTT2 100hr Cert + Yoga Alliance 200hr Cert
Year 3 100hrs Training Hatha Sadhana Intermediate Series AYTT3 100hr Cert
Year 4 100hrs Training Ashtanga Vinyasa Intermediate Series AYTT4 100hr Cert
Year 5 100hrs Training Absolute Yoga Teacher Level AYTT5 100hr Cert + Yoga Alliance 500hr Cert

Q.Why 100hrs Training ?
A 1. Generally the courses on offer attempt to complete 200hrs in a calendar year, however I felt that a 'slower' or at least more patient approach would be of benefit to the student in terms of slowly absorbing the teachings and practices and allowing time to develop and explore the practical and theoretical aspects of the course. A 2. This means also that the monetary investment required from the student in a calendar year is approximately 50% less than the standard approach. Therefore thre is less financial pressure for the student.

Q.What is AYTT1 - AYTT5 100hr Cert ?<br /> A . AYTT1 is Absolute Yoga Teacher Training and the number identifies the training level. The trainings can be completed within the 5 years alloacated or the student can decide to complete to a certain level and at some time in the future continue with her/his training.

Q.What is Yoga Alliance 200hr / 500hr Cert ?
A. Yoga Alliance is the UK organisation that has set standards for the 200hr and 500hr qualifications and courses that offer these levels must be registered with YA and run by a registered Senior Yoga Teacher. Absolute Yoga is a registered school and I am a Senior Yoga Teacher.

Q.When will AYTT1 commence and what will be the cost ?
A. The training will commence in April 2014 and more information regarding syllabus and training dates will be published during October 2013. The cost has to be finalised but will be in the range €1,250 to €1,500 per year.

Approach each yeah consists of 100hrs of contact study.
» 6 Weekends per year, every 2 months
» 7 hrs of weekly self practise
» 2 hrs of weekly study
» 1hrs weekly meditation

Contact Paul for information and teacher training timetables

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